Your decision to choose what goes into your body is sacrosanct, and I support your right choose and to informed consent. My only recommendation for what you do with your body (other than eat well and exercise) is to talk to your physician before making major medical decisions. Hopefully, unlike so many of us, you can afford one.

Personally, I will not be making medical decisions based on recommendations from CNN. For over a decade, I have followed US foreign policy closely enough to conclude that CNN is a prolific source of misinformation in support of imperialism, US war crimes and military contractors. Their pundits are hyperbolic, divisive, and dishonest. Their network is fused with the pharmaceutical industry, aggressively pushing a constantly rotating cabinet of drugs on behalf of these lucrative sponsors.

Most concerning of all, CNN puts its massive resources to work demanding censorship of independent media and competitors, further exemplifying an editorial norm of disdain for liberal democratic values.

Despite prejudgments about CNN, it is still valuable to analyze articles on a case-by-case basis; especially for such a large organization with so much content. After reading it with an open mind and healthy dose of skepticism, I noticed several acute problems.

The woman interviewed in the article, Leana Wen, has been a vocal advocate for a digital vaccine passport system, and believes those who would rather not conform to this new, invasive big tech/big pharma authoritarian scheme should be forcibly segregated from society. She is not an impartial or objective voice, and apparently has a blind spot for a few fundamental human rights.

Wen is the only source in the article, but most of what she’s saying is based on recent CDC and FDA statements about booster shots. With regard to those, the article omits two salient facts the consumer should be aware of:

1) CDC Director Walensky overruled her science advisory panelin recommending booster shots for all ‘at risk workers’ (a term so vaguely defined that it may functionally apply to almost any healthy adult). According to AP: “The panel voted 9 to 6 to reject that proposal. But Walensky decided to disregard the advisory committee’s counsel on that issue.”

(This pattern of rule by decree was also exemplified just recently when the CDC shockingly claimed the power to unilaterally extend a national eviction mortarium. Whether you believe it was a good decree or not, it certainly violated the balance of powers on which our democracy depends.) 

2)  Two top FDA officials resigned in protest of the booster authorization pushed by Fauci and the White House, claiming the decision was made under political pressure and in absence of sufficient scientific evidence. They were also part of a group of scientists who published an article in The Lancet critical of the hasty booster rollout.

Wen does advise the reader to talk with their doctor, which is the most valuable piece of information in the article.

Thanks for reading, check back often for news and musings.


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